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Hycrest precision molding company Lt. locates in the international mold manufacturing base, DongGuan China, exports moulds 300sets annually, 90% of them are for the America, Europe and Japan market. 60% of them is small to medium sizes (main business is for electronic and automobile for connector, medical product, indicator cover, intake manifold, follow that is home appliance for LCD Screen, …).
Hycrest precision molding Established in 2004, offering superior quality, punctual delivery. We has been recognized as a leader in ultra precision complex plastic injection molds.
The company employs 70 staff, includes 55 tooling staff, and 15 engineers specializing in designing with CAD/CAM/CAE. Hycrest Mould equipped with the most advanced soft wares such as PROE, UG, CATIA, and Mouldflow for design, analysis and manufacturing. Imported over 20 sets highly precision tooling machines from Japan,and Switzerland.
In today’s market, choosing the right supplier is more important than ever. DongGuan Hycrest Mould as a direct & excellent supplier must add higher value for you by increasing mould life, reducing mold cost & molding cycle time, shortening lead time & fee of middle trade, improving production methods. This is the different from most of others.

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